Who We Are

As an organization, Avionnti prides itself on its purpose-driven culture. Its values revolve around three core principles: Passion, Teamwork, and Determination. With the aim of redefining modern living, Avionnti strives to be the world's most customer-focused company and leading brand by offering a wide range of general products including home decor, kitchen appliances, outdoor gardening equipment, and so much more.

Alexsie Pte. Ltd.

531A Upper Cross Street #04-95 Hong Lim Complex Singapore 051531

" This site is owned and operated by Alexsie Pte. Ltd - Oscar Lee Ching Yik, Kuan Juan Hock, Lee Kam Hee."

Business Information

Company Name:
Avionnti (A subsidiary of Shopulse Commerce LLC)

Business Address:

30 N Gould St #5002, Sheridan, WY 82801, USA

Contact Details (How You Can Interact With Us):
📞 Helpline > +1 925 887 0178
📧 Email > support@avionnti.com